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Media and opinion pieces

Opinion pieces

December 2013, The Conversation, To launch Australia into space, we need inspiration, M.R. Walter, B. Biddington, C.A. Oliver, R. Sach.

March 2009, UNSW opinion, Science communication – the importance of evidence, C.A.Oliver (subsequently also published by the Australian Science Communicators).

Media pieces

December, 2015, The Australian Weekend Magazine, Matthew Bailes’ $100m SETI challenge: Find the aliens

December, 2013, Forbes Magazine, Does Australia have a space future?

November 2013, The Australian, Martian discovery used to lure students into science.

July 2013, Computer World, Smart Sparrow initiative receives government funding

April 2013, Sydney Morning Herald (and syndicated around Australia) Students take rover on test drive on museum’s red planet.

March 2013, The Examiner, Launceston, Tasmania, Students click onto Mars program.

August 2011,, Mars on Earth in Sydney

May 2011, ABC Science Show, Robyn Williams, Mars created in Sydney aids rover research.

August 2010, ABC Television, Big Ideas, Cafe Scientifique, Are we still alone?

August 2010, ABC Classic FM Radio, Mornings with Margaret Throsby

January 2010, Otago Daily Times, Most people believe in angels

November 2009, Podcast, Mr Science Show, Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

June 2006,, Walking into the past

November 2003, Astrobiology Magazine. Skepticism with wonder.

June, 1999, BBC News, Australia searches for ET.